Two new skins released – High Noon Irelia & Senna

High Noon Irelia

Price: 1350 RP

“A fallen angel who escaped the destruction of Heaven, now tainted by ineffable darkness. Irelia has spent years in hiding, thus her return alongside a newly resurrected Senna attests to the presence of powers who would see the heavenly kingdom restored… perhaps for the continued benefit of man, or perhaps for their final damnation.”


High Noon Senna

Price: 1820 RP (Legendary)

“Once the greatest gunslinger on the continent, Senna’s life would have ended when her heart was torn out by the devil– save for the intervention of a higher authority. Mysteriously resurrected with the heart of an angel and a demonic steed, she has returned to the west to restore the balance of Heaven and Hell… however she sees fit.”







High Noon Senna new voiceover:

High Noon Senna interactions:



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